2021 Spring Fashion Colors

2021 Spring/Summer Fashion Week Colors

Like a garden of flowers, there are a lot of bright and beautiful fashion colors for Spring 2021 (and Summer, too). Here they are:

  • Marigold – this is a warm golden orange that’s easy to wear
  • Cerulean – a light blue defined as the blue of the sky on a clear day
  • Rust – this is an earthy brown that reminds me of Fall leaves
  • Illuminating – a wonderful soft and sunny yellow
  • French Blue – a lovely medium blue shade
  • Green Ash – a green I’d call mint, but that color name appears below
  • Burnt Coral – a very pretty coral shade
  • Mint – the green of mint leaves – a lovely bright shade
  • Amethyst Orchid – pinkish purple like Spring flowers
  • Raspberry Sorbet – one of my faves – a bright raspberry pink
  • Inkwell – very dark blackish blue
  • Ultimate Gray – a medium silver gray shade
  • Buttercream – a wonderful soft off white – a great neutral
  • Desert Mist – another of my favorites – a sort of peachy sand color
  • Willow – a brownish shade with a hint of green

I’m really excited about these lovely 2021 Spring fashion colors! My wardrobe already includes some very similar shades and I’m thinking about Spring and Summer accessories. Silver jewelry is always a perfect accent and there are a lot of pendants, earrings, and more to choose on my website.

Silver jewelry - earrings and bracelets