A Fashion Trend for 2012

Tangerine is a hot, hot color for Spring 2012 continuing into summer and fall

You’ll find tangerine in jewelry, in accessories, and of course in lot of clothes.

You can pair tangerine with black or with light neutral colors;  however, one currently hot combination is tangerine paired with turquoise!

You might consider combining several necklaces – agate or carnelian and some turquoise – for a really hot look against an outfit.  The necklace shown on the left is https://dianakirkpatrick.com/product/banded-carnelian-necklace-and-agate-pendant/

and the one on the right is https://dianakirkpatrick.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Turquoise.jpg

Gold jewelry is hot right now, too, so you might also consider combining the gemstone necklaces with a variety gold chains.   If you are a silver person, that will work equally well.