A Season for Thankfulness

Fall flowers and dried corn

We really shouldn’t need a season for thankfulness. After all, we can and should express our gratitude and thankfulness on a daily basis all year long. The tempo of daily living makes it easier to overlook the blessings we have every day of the year.

Gratitude (thankfulness) is an expression of appreciation. When we express our gratitude we feel enriched and those to whom we express our thanks also feel enriched. We aren’t guaranteed a single day so we should celebrate living and being alive every day.

I am grateful for life itself and for the enjoyment I receive from creating. I get a deep satisfaction from working with metal – creating designs and shaping each one from start to finish. I recently had a knee replacement and I am getting back to living my life again – I am thankful to have been able to have the surgery and grateful that the recovery is going well.

fire opal in hammered silver box pendant

New variations on some some of my existing designs are in the works – more textured versions of the Disc-O pendants and earrings as well as some larger hammered silver earrings. I’ve also made some changes in a few pieces – like the necklace above. All purchases include free seasonal gift wrap – just tell me what type of gift it is.

There are several necklaces and other jewelry items marked down for November – these all have a big SALE! tag on them. There’s a link under each pictured necklace.

For Black Friday there’s a coupon sale that runs November 29 and 30. Use CODE blackfriday