A Woven Necklace

I’ve recently completed a woven necklace in silver and rose gold.   I used the naalbinding technique to weave the strands.   Naalbinding is much like Viking knit and uses a little wire “flower” to start each strand.   The number of “petals” on the flower determine the number of sides to your woven chain.

If you are using expensive materials in a necklace or bracelet, you may want to begin your weaving with some practice wire until the stitch evens out.   This is particularly true if you are new to the technique or if you haven’t done any weaving in a while.   I always find it helpful to have a warm-up if some time has passed since my last piece of weaving.   The same technique creates chains for earrings and bracelets as well as necklaces.   You can also double the stitch for a different look.