About the Art

Earrings-aqua chalcedony long fac drops with woven silver

As I was growing up in the Washington, DC area, my family frequently traveled through craft centers in the Appalachians and the Blue Ridge mountains. I was fascinated by the crafts and jewelry I saw there. After completing my PhD in physical chemistry, I turned to designing jewelry, studying lapidary arts, silver smithing, copper enameling, and more in the Washington, DC area. Along the way I began to incorporate wire weaving and wrapping into my designs.

The process of designing and creating fascinates and excites me. My work is primarily one-of-kind designs and custom creations – each piece of my jewelry is hand constructed – lovingly created by me from the finest materials.

I work in silver and gold primarily and my jewelry designs are accented with pearls and precious gemstones, chasing, repousse’, forming, woven metal and more. New Mexico and the Santa Fe area are the most inspiring places I have ever been. I love texture and include the textures of landscapes, rocks, and plants in my jewelry designs.