I work primarily in silver, pearls, and gemstones and I construct all of my jewelry by hand.  I love the process of designing and creating! My own eclectic approach to life and living is reflected in each of my creations and of course I love to see my jewelry worn and enjoyed by others.  Please contact me - ask questions and tell me what styles of jewelry you like and what you are interested in. Are you looking for a special piece of jewelry? I enjoy doing custom pieces where I can work with the client to create jewelry that reflects their aura and personality.

I moved to NM because this part of the country is the most deeply inspiring place I have ever been.   I love the colors in the landscapes and especially the sky and the clouds with their ever changing patterns!  I want my jewelry to communicate the excitement I feel about being in NM.  Texture is a fundamental element in many of my designs and I especially love textures and patterns taken from nature. I love spirals and incorporate them in many of my designs.  I see wonderful textural elements in the rocks and plants around me and I incorporate those textures in my jewelry using small hand tools and a chasing hammer.

I’d like to share some of my background.   Some of my fondest memories from growing up in the Washington DC area are of family trips to craft centers in the Appalachians and Blue Ridge mountains where I enjoyed seeing things that people made with their own hands – weaving and pottery and most of all handmade jewelry!

I earned a PhD in chemistry followed by a career as a chemist in several government laboratories.  After grad school I took advantage of opportunities to learn more about how jewelry is made and to study how gemstone cabochons are cut.  Learning how to create settings for the stones was next. That led me into silversmithing and wire wrapping. I guess I’m a perpetual student – I loved all of it.

A chance conversation with a colleague at a summer chemistry conference introduced me to belly dancing. I took a couple of classes and I was hooked! I was entranced by the movements, the music, and especially the costuming and the jewelry. It was a wonderful opportunity to dress up and become someone mysterious! I started selling jewelry and music to other dancers. This eventually grew into a full time business which I sold after many fun filled years of dancing, designing and selling costuming and jewelry.