Agate Pendant with Banded Carnelian

I have had a lovely agate cabochon for sometime now, just waiting for the right treatment.  I wasn’t sure what kind of jewelry piece I wanted for this stone.   I decided on a pendant and created a netted setting for the agate.   Once the pendant was completed, I looked for the perfect necklace design to go with it.

I decided to use a simple necklace in banded carnelian.   The beads closely match the agate pendant in both color and pattern and the combination with the agate seems harmonious.

A netted setting is straightforward and starts with a ring of wire, slightly smaller than the cabochon and close to the same shape.  The wire is long enough to form the ring and the sides of the bail loop that the bead necklace will pass through.   Your weaving wire is coiled around the framework (completely covering that ring) then woven back and forth for the bail loop.  To create the bail, curve that woven segment to the back and wrap those weaving wire ends around and around to secure them.   If you take a look on my website you’ll find some other examples of netted settings for stones.