These are some of the gemstones choices currently available for my art jewelry designs – many are considered birthstones or anniversary stones; all of them are wonderful choices for inclusion in my gold and silver handmade jewelry designs:

Rock crystal and also Swarovski crystal; Citrine; Amethyst; Larimar; Aqua Chalcedony; Pearls; Peridot; Moonstone; Rainbow Moonstone; Rose Quartz; Green Quartz; Smokey Quartz; Rutilated Quartz; Carnelian; Black Onyx; Labradorite; Lapis; Turquoise; lots of Jasper varieties; Fluorite; Hematite; Jade; Malachite; Red Garnets; and Coral.

We carry many of these stones all the time and others can always be ordered. All stones can be set in silver, in gold, or in a combination of silver and gold.

When it comes to birthstones, there are a lot of choices. Some birthstones are traditional favorites while others have come along from mystical or other influences. There are a number of versions of the birthstone list, too. Two of these birthstone lists are on in the Customer Service area to help guide customers when they are choosing my handmade silver and gold jewelry. Birthstones can be included in almost any of my handmade silver jewelry designs: silver bracelets and silver necklaces and well as silver rings and silver bracelets. Gold and combinations of silver and gold are also available.

Traditional Birthstones

January – garnet
February – amethyst
March – bloodstone, aquamarine
April – diamond
May – emerald
June – Pearl, moonstone, alexandrite
July – ruby
August – peridot, sardonyx
September – sapphire
October – opal, pink tourmaline
November – citrine, yellow topaz
December – blue topaz, turquoise.

Sun Sign Birthstones

Aries (3/21-4/20) bloodstone
Taurus (4/21-5/20) Sapphire
Gemini (5/21-6/20) Agate
Cancer (6/20-7/21) Emerald
Leo (7/21-8/20) Onyx
Virgo (8/21-9/20) Carnelian
Libra (9/21-10/20) Peridot
Scorpio (10/21-11/20) Aquamarine
(11/21-12/20) Topaz
Capricorn (12/21-1/20) Ruby
Aquarius (1/21-2/18) garnet
Pisces (2/19-3/20) Amethyst

Mystical Birthstones

January – emerald
February – bloodstone
March – jade
April – opal
May – sapphire
June – moonstone
July – ruby
August – diamond
September – agate
October – jasper
November – pearl
December – onyx.