David's paper bead necklace

Make a Paper Bead Necklace

July 10, 2020

Make a paper bead necklace this summer. Since we are at home this summer, there’s a lot interest in summer activities to do at home and projects, too – projects for both kids and adults.  Making paper beads is a great project that produces something pretty you can use for earrings or a necklace and…


Celebrating the 4th of July

June 29, 2020

In the United States, we celebrate our Independence Day on July 4.  The Declaration of Independence was signed July 4, 1776, declaring the creation of the United States of America as a country.  Our usual July activities are outdoor gatherings and activities that bring large groups of people together. We usually celebrate the 4th of…

Dad and kids at the shore

Do You Know How Father’s Day Began?

June 27, 2020

Here’s how Father’s Day began –  At a Mother’s Day service in May of 1909, Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington decided she wanted to designate a day in honor of her dad.  Her mother died in childbirth and Dodd’s father had found himself solely responsible for raising the baby as well as his other five…

Concave hammered silver earrings

The Rituals of Our Lives

May 31, 2020

June ushers in the summer season. As things are beginning to reopen and people are getting out to do more, I hope that you are all well and staying safe.  I’ve been reading about symbols and ran across this:  “the oak is a great symbol for June.  The oak embodies the energy of June with themes…

14kt gold ring with white pearls

Birthstones for June

May 31, 2020

Birthstones for the month of June: June is another month with multiple birthstone choices.  Pearls, moonstone, and alexandrite are frequently used for June birthstones.  Pearls Pearls made their “debut” in the first century BC.  Many ancient civilizations considered pearls as precious gems.  According to the National Geographic, a bit of pearl jewelry was found in…

Hummingbirds are Warrior Birds

We’ve Made it to May 2020

May 1, 2020

We’ve made it to the month of May 2020 in this very unusual year.   When everything comes to a grinding halt, as it has this Spring, we’re forced to think about what matters most. Your life is put on hold.  We focus on what matters most right now.  Time slows to a crawl – no…

oval agate in sterling silver wire pendant

May – Birthstones & More

May 1, 2020

May’s traditional birthstone – and alternatives The traditional birthstone for May is the emerald.   Emeralds are a deep green beryl and most emeralds are clouded with inclusions so nice quality emeralds can be pricey.  The green color comes from chromium.  Deposits of emeralds are found in Columbia (the best dark green stones), Brazil  (lighter green…

The joy of everyday things

Reflections for this Moment

April 28, 2020

Reflections for this moment: Our lives have changed in many ways since March. Many of us are working from home or just spending much more time at home than in the past. I am fortunate to have space to work on jewelry without leaving my home. If you are new to working from home, I…

Pink opal and moonstone necklace

One of my Favorites Gemstones – Opal

April 13, 2020

One of my favorite gemstones is opal. People recognize opals by their characteristic play of rainbow like colors.  You need to be careful with opals because opal is a relatively soft (5.5-6.5) stone and they are sensitive to pressure, hard knocks, and heat.  Opals are 3-30% water and they can dehydrate if stored under improper…

Joyful cover

Being Joyful in 2020

March 18, 2020

The tone of this delightful book starts with the cover and its colorful confetti design. The book is fascinating in many ways as the author examines how we draw joy and happiness from ordinary things around us. In a moment of joy, we are carefree. The book begins with a discussion of color and how…