Catching up – spring is here!

The fashion shows in New York and Europe have ended. I’d like to tell you about what I see as the fashion forecast for Spring into Summer. I believe we’ll see lots of natural elements and natural colors figuring in clothing and jewelry designs in 2008. Mixed with crystals, pearls, and gemstones, natural materials produce an eclectic look. Rich colors including purple and burgundy, vibrant shades of green will be featured in jewelry. Clothing colors will be bright, but flattering shades – mint green, ocean blue, rich citrus yellow, lilac, and crimson, for example.

High-tech looks in jewelry are going to be in, too. I love combinations such as black onyx with smoky quartz combined with the textures of bright silver (hand-wound beads of silver wire). Black and white combinations will continue to be popular as well. Metals contribute a sleek modern look to designs.

Jewelry will also feature some larger bolder designs than we’ve seen recently. My new Infinite Horizons Collection includes some definitely bold pieces! For some pieces in this line I’ve combined hematite with some of my hand-wound silver beads and Swarovski crystals. I’ll include some cuff bracelets in this line, too.

Some of my new designs with feature combinations of silver and gold. Each metal brings out the richness of the other. The combination of the two metals provides a totally different look. Look for elegant gemstone pendants in silver and gold, coming soon for Spring and Summer. Longer necklaces – medallions and other pendants should play well against the high necklines that are forecast. Pearls are always interesting and there are so many different shapes, sizes, and colors to chose. I’ve been intrigued with little peacock potato pearls that work in so many designs and color combinations. I plan to use more pearls in my pieces this year.

I’m really excited! March 16, 2008 Jewelry Connection interview went really well. You can watch the background video I posted earlier and if you visit the site ( you can see the podcast of the program.

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