Fashion Colors – Fall and Winter

Bright orange tan 2021 Fall color

There are lots of choices in the fashion colors for Fall and Winter 2021-2022. I love earth tones and the Fall/Winter fashion colors include great earth colors like Clay (an orange tan), Caramel, and Root Beer. I’m celebrating some new choices already! There’s a wonderful soft silvery gray that’s appropriately called Silver that I just…

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Natural Beauty – Aspens in the Fall

Aspens in Fall

The aspens are a big Fall attraction here. I love how their rich golden hues color the hills and mountains around Santa Fe. The display here generally starts around the beginning of October and lasts for several weeks. Here are some aspen facts that may interest you: Aspen are medium sized trees that grow 20 to…

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Fall & Winter Fashion Colors

Fall and Winter Fashion Colors 2020-2021

It’s a colorful lineup for Fall into Winter fashion colors for 2020. These fashion colors include lots of reds and orange hues. Overall there’s a lot of color – many shades are described as seasonal classics.  Hopefully all the color will serve to keep us cheery. One of my favorites is called Amberglow. Amberglow is…

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Fall and Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Colors

The Pantone Fashion Colors for Fall/Winter 2018:  a bold palette of Fall colors with a few unexpected shades. Colors that express individuality and creativity – spice colors, some long time favorites, and some neutrals, too.   Make a fasion statement by mixing and combining unexpected colors and strone hues.  Autumn shades evoke images of leaves on…

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I Love New Mexico in the Fall

I love New Mexico in the Fall – it’s a time when we have sunny, cool and usually dry  weather. The aspens turn a brilliant yellow in the Fall and there are many scenic routes you can drive to see and photograph the Fall color. The trees around my house turned color very early and were…

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Fall 2011 Colors

Fall 2011 colors  –  The Fall 2011 color palette from Pantone combines bright colors with basic neutral shades. Use combination of light and dark with the same family – deep teal with quarry, for instance, or pair vibrant color with a more subdued shade as in ember glow with coffee liqueu’r.

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