Getting Ready for Spring

Choose some color for Spring collage

I’m very tired of Winter, so I’m getting ready for Spring!  Meteorological Spring begins March 1, and Spring officially starts on March 20, 2022!   A lot of things can be done before your garden begins  its Spring growth.  Getting ready for Spring with a Springtime refresh in the garden includes cleaning up and pruning;…

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Fashion Colors – Fall and Winter

Bright orange tan 2021 Fall color

There are lots of choices in the fashion colors for Fall and Winter 2021-2022. I love earth tones and the Fall/Winter fashion colors include great earth colors like Clay (an orange tan), Caramel, and Root Beer. I’m celebrating some new choices already! There’s a wonderful soft silvery gray that’s appropriately called Silver that I just…

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2021 Spring Fashion Colors

2021 Spring/Summer Fashion Week Colors

Like a garden of flowers, there are a lot of bright and beautiful fashion colors for Spring 2021 (and Summer, too). Here they are: Marigold – this is a warm golden orange that’s easy to wear Cerulean – a light blue defined as the blue of the sky on a clear day Rust – this…

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Fall & Winter Fashion Colors

Fall and Winter Fashion Colors 2020-2021

It’s a colorful lineup for Fall into Winter fashion colors for 2020. These fashion colors include lots of reds and orange hues. Overall there’s a lot of color – many shades are described as seasonal classics.  Hopefully all the color will serve to keep us cheery. One of my favorites is called Amberglow. Amberglow is…

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Pantone’s Spring 2020 Fashion Colors

Coral Pink is hot for Spring 2020

Pantone’s Spring 2020 Fashion Colors are bright and bold – a rich golden yellow, mint green, royal blue, deep avocado green, and a headliner intense red called Flame Scarlet. Here’s the list and a link to color swatches: Flame Scarlet – a fiery red Saffron – Yellow is always a spring color and the Spring…

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Fall 2019 Fashion Colors

Some 2019-2020 Fall Winter Colors

Fall Winter 2019 fashion colors feature mostly bright colors and lots of contrasts. There’s a mix of deep and creamy yellows with softer shades of brown and beige. Bright colors are deep reds, bright pink, light to dark purple shades, lots of orange hues, plus greens and blues and several neutral shades. Here are some…

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