Beads to Make Yourself

Beads you can make at home

A recent New York Times article is about beads you can make yourself. The article expands on the idea of making paper beads using your newspaper as material. It’s a similar approach to what I described in my recent blog post about my son David’s handmade paper bead necklace. The Times article also includes some…

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What Happens to Your Brain When You Create Art

New silver jewelry in the works

An article I read recently on art therapy and creativity stresses that “making art” is important to remain healthy, to staying connected to yourself and to the world. This includes any sort of visual creative expression, anything that engages your mind. Making art involves your creative mind, connecting unrelated things and imagining new ways to…

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Tools I Love for Making Jewelry

Some Favorite Tools of Mine

I’d like to share some of the tools I love for making jewelry. The tools you use the most depend on the types of jewelry you are generally making. I love small tools – you can do so many things with them. Pliers are essentials for anyone who makes jewelry. You need a variety of…

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Making Progress

In June I had surgery for a badly torn rotator cuff on my left side.   Unfortunately for me, I am left handed, so I’ve had my share of anxiety about the injury and the recovery and how all of this will affect me in the future. I started physical therapy a couple of weeks ago…

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Creating Mokume Gane Metals

I recently took a terrific class in creating Mokume Gane – a multilayered metal that’s produced under heat and pressure. The fascination with this metal is the patterning that can be achieved with various combinations of metals and some inspired carving techniques. Mokume Gane in a fascinating metal laminate that I’ve been playing with recently.…

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