Jewelry Taboos Redux- Mixing Metals in Jewelry

mixing metals in your jewelry

This summer I wrote about mixing silver and gold jewelry. In Jewelry Taboos Redux want to expand on the idea of mixing metals in jewelry a bit to include all metals, plus gemstone jewelry and rhinestone jewelry as well. In addition, you can mix jewelry styles, too. The bracelets above are all metal items, but…

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The Art of the Matter

silver flower pendant

Amapola Gallery’s October Featured Artist exhibit  “The Art of the Matter” is October’s Featured Artist exhibit at Amapola Gallery, showcasing Amapola member artists Diana Kirkpatrick and Gwen Peterson.  The artists employ sterling, stones and sundry silkscreens to present “The Art of the Matter,” Amapola Gallery’s Featured Artists exhibit for October. Gwen Peterson creates serigraphs with geometric patterns of southwest scapes in…

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I Wish this Chain was Longer

sterling silver chains and extenders

“I wish this chain was longer.” There’s a solution for all those times you’ve thought this – a necklace extender. The extenders shown are 4 inches long.  I added magnetic catches to the necklace extenders in the picture, but I can use lobster claws or a hook to match the chain you want to make…

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Trash those Jewelry Taboos!

silver ear cuff, long silver coiled earrings, coiled silver bracelet

Over the years we’ve all heard a lot about what you can and can’t do when adding jewelry to an outfit.  A lot of these “taboos” make no sense for real people. You can break the mold and trash those “jewelry taboos” from the past.   – You can have long hair and wear big earrings!– You can wear a necklace and a…

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My Favorite Coffee Cup and Silver Cigar Band Ring

Diana holding her favorite coffee cup and wearing her silver cigar band ring

This is my favorite coffee cup and silver cigar band ring. At least it’s my fave coffee cup at the moment. I bought two of these in Key West, Florida several years ago. My only regret is that I didn’t buy the matching plates! I have a collection of favorite coffee cups and mugs that…

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