Clearing out Clutter


Jane Brody had a fascinating article about clearing out clutter in your life in yesterday’s New York Times Science section.   Brody has been clearing out for some time now, but her “housecleaning” includes much more than just throwing out a few things.
Here’s a link to the complete article and a link to another article which Brody references:

Link to technology replacing conversation article in Sunday Times  – The Flight from Conversation:

It’s worth taking the time to read it all.  I was really interested since I’ve been clearing out, giving away, and selling off a lot of furniture and books.

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  1. tony berkman on May 5, 2012 at 1:18 pm

    Hey Diane!

    Both articles are fascinating reads. Thank you for sharing them. I think it’s Wayne Dyer who says “simplify, simplify.” I think he is getting at the same point that is made in the post where she says, “Lightening one’s physical load can brighten the mind and lift the spirit.” Great post and valuable references. Thanks for highlighting them.

    Best wishes,