Copper Flowers Part II

As an experiment, I cut some “flowers” out of 24 ga sheet copper – 2 smaller ones for earrings and a larger flower for a pendant. I smoothed the edges of all of the pieces with files and sandpaper and drilled holes for wires that will carry beads and attach to the ear wires.  Then I did some texturing with a hammer followed by shaping each of the flowers over miniature stakes.  Next, I curved the “petal tips” so they are rounded upwards.

I learned instantly that I will have to have a better work surface for texturing (and probably also for forming).   My texturing did not go deep enough and you can barely see any of it after the forming process.   Also, I think I should cut the petals in closer to the center hole so the flower will form more smoothly when the “petals” are curved over the stakes.

I’m currently living and working out of an RV.   It’s not a new experience – I’ve done this a lot in the past when we were traveling, but now that I’ve changed my designs to include more texturing, forming, and soldering and much less wire, I’m discovering that my work area is not as simple as it once was.   I’m going to have to develop new approaches for my work area to allow for hammering, etc.  An interesting aspect of where we happen to be staying right now – no picnic tables!   I planned to work outside on a sturdy surface and there is none!  Now I need to come up with a sturdy portable work surface.