Copper Jewelry Designs

Over the summer, I started working on a series of flower designs in copper as prototypes for some planned silver pieces.   However, I think that I like the look of the copper enough to also do a series of designs in copper.

My first design was a flower pendant.   I also plan to do a flower brooch.   The initial pendant and brooch will be similar.  The major difference is on the back – a pin on the back of the brooch and a hook on the back of the pendant.   Having played around with this for a while, I’ll probably combine both and do a back plate that allows the finished piece to be worn as either a brooch or a pendant.

This handmade flower has four pieces as shown in the first photo:   a circular backplate that includes a tab that can be curled over to make a bail for the pendant or a circle to which a pin will be soldered.   A combination piece would have both the tab and the pin.   I made three petal pieces and cut another circle for the flower parts.   I divided this last piece into about eight pie-shaped wedges and carefully cut the metal away, leaving eight or so “prongs” for the center of the flower.  The petals were shaped and curved a bit.   All the pieces were curved slightly with a dap so they fit together nicely, then riveted together.   

The completed pendant is shown in the next photo.    I think it would be interesting to have an overall texture on the petals – the prototype just has a fine scratch finish and I’ll experiment with more texture for the next version.

I also made a hammered wire necklace for the pendant.   As shown in the last photo, the necklace is in several sections so it will lie flat.   The necklace is actually more oval than it appears in the photo.   The design of the pendant allows it to be removed if you want to wear the necklace alone or with another pendant.

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