Dress an Earring Up or Down

How do you dress an earring up or down? A few weeks ago a customer asked about a particular earring. They liked the earring design but they wanted something more casual for everyday wear. The original design was this twisted silver wire dangle earring with a pearl drop from the Wedding Jewelry section.  

peach pearl drop earrings

Changing the stone can dress an earring up or down.  The pearls have a dressy overall appearance. In general, faceted gems or pearls look dressier while polished beads or metal beads seem more casual.

The pearl earrings were dressy to start with – in this example I’ve dressed the earring down. Here’s a pair of similar earrings with rainforest jasper nuggets. These earrings have a different “look” and sterling silver beads would have yet another “look.”

Long rainforest jasper earrings

Don’t hesitate to ask about a variation to a jewelry design that will suit you better. I’m happy to offer suggestions.

If you have question, please contact me.