Enjoy Wearing Your Jewelry

Take time to enjoy wearing your jewelry. Most of us aren’t doing a lot right now, but you can enjoy wearing your jewelry for yourself! Don’t leave your jewelry in a box or a drawer. You draw strength and comfort from the things that bring you joy, so enjoy them now.

Your jewelry selections are small works of art that you can wear every day. Wear your jewelry for yourself – fabulous earrings, exciting pendants, bangle bracelets, whatever affects your emotions – you can brighten you entire day by wearing a colorful scarf and a piece of jewelry you love.

Celebrate your Style with silver and gemstone earrings and bracelets

Some of my personal favorites are bangle bracelets and hammered silver earrings. Two hammered silver earring styles are here now, and a double version with a matching necklace are coming later this month.

Fall and Winter are great seasons for copper jewelry, too. Copper is a warm accent to Fall sweaters. I’ll have two or three styles of hammered copper earrings back in stock shortly.