Fall 2019 Fashion Colors

Some 2019-2020 Fall Winter Colors

Fall Winter 2019 fashion colors feature mostly bright colors and lots of contrasts. There’s a mix of deep and creamy yellows with softer shades of brown and beige. Bright colors are deep reds, bright pink, light to dark purple shades, lots of orange hues, plus greens and blues and several neutral shades.

Here are some of the colors for now through the winter months:

Merlot – a deep wine red

Cranberry – an orangey red

Summer fig – russet brown

Tiger Orange – super bright orange shade

Chili Pepper – deep red

Crab Apple – peachy shade

Peachy Pink – just what it says

Hazel and Sugar almond are brown hues

Butterscotch – a marigold yellow

Dark Cheddar – sophisticated tawny orange brown

Galaxy Blue – a deep royal blue

Evening Blue – navy

Gold – shimmering metallics

Antique Moss – yellow green


Guacamole – very bright light green

Chartreuse – neon!

Forest – deep green

Eden – dark yellow green