Fall in Santa Fe NM is Special

Fall aspens in Santa FeFall in Santa Fe NM is a special season for me – cooler weather, changing leaves, and much more.  There is so much to do in the Fall – arts and craft shows are plentiful all around and houses and yards are decorated with chrysanthemums and pumpkins, too.   On October 20, I’m doing the Fall Arts & Crafts Fair at the Crossroads Church in Los Alamos.  I haven’t been there for a couple of years and I think it’s a great show. The show is from 9am to 3:30PM.


Another Fall in Santa Fe event is chile pepper roasting.  Chile peppers are a big deal in New Mexico.  Roasting begins in August, but runs into the Fall.  Once the harvest starts in earnest, there are chile roasters going all over New Mexico and Santa Fe is no exception.  There’s a roaster going at Santa Fe Farmer’s Market for as long as the season lasts.  It’s a delicious New Mexico tradition!   There are also ristras (hanging bunches of red chiles) and other decorations for the home made with both large and small chiles.

The Fall “season” this year has lasted for a long time. The autumn weather seemed to start late in August with warm days and pleasant evenings.  Now that we’re in October the days have gotten cooler and night time temperatures have fallen.  In the evening you can smell some wood smoke in the air!

The aspens have turned a brilliant gold – just in time for the annual crowd of Balloon Fiesta visitors in Albuquerque to make the drive to Santa Fe. Thousands attend Balloon Fiesta every year and there are day and evening events.  The first snow at Santa Fe Ski happened this week with more snow forecast for this week.