Fall and Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Colors

The Pantone Fashion Colors for Fall/Winter 2018:  a bold palette of Fall colors with a few unexpected shades. Colors that express individuality and creativity – spice colors, some long time favorites, and some neutrals, too.   Make a fasion statement by mixing and combining unexpected colors and strone hues.  Autumn shades evoke images of leaves on the ground under the trees of the forest

Larger jewelry pieces will stand out against the brilliant colors.  Copper, Silver, or Gold can make a statement this Fall and Winter. Larger earrings are “in” this season, too.   Some of my woven fiber necklaces would also be terrific accents.  I’m working on woven sterling silver pendants that will make their debut soon.

Red Pear – a deliciously deep burgundy tinged redCoral, peach and black woven necklace with coral beads

Valiant Poppy – a vibrant poppy red shade 

Nebulas Blue – intense medium blue

Ceylon Yellow – savory and spicy exotic yellow

Martini Olive – deep olive with a brown tone

Russet Orange – a warm burnt orange

Ultra Violet – a deeper violet shade

Crocus Petal – a light and airy violet hue

Limelight – a vibrant yellow-green

Quetzal Green – an elegant deep blue-green Emerald green and teal woven necklace with malachite and crystal

Sargasso Sea – a deep sea green/blue hue

Tofu – a soft creamy white

Almond Buff – a soft natural baby camel beige

Quiet Gray – a timeless soft silvery gray

Meerkat – a warm burnished brown