Fall & Winter Fashion Colors

It’s a colorful lineup for Fall into Winter fashion colors for 2020. These fashion colors include lots of reds and orange hues. Overall there’s a lot of color – many shades are described as seasonal classics.  Hopefully all the color will serve to keep us cheery.

Fall and Winter Fashion Colors 2020-2021

One of my favorites is called Amberglow. Amberglow is bright orange, much like the color in the picture above. Samba is a brownish red that is similar to the border in the photo. Sandstone is a lovely orangey tan, Classic Blue is a rich deep blue, Green Sheen is yellow with a green undertone, Rose Tan is a dusty rose shade, Fired Bricked is a deep reddish brown (more brown than Samba), Ultramarine Green is a deeper green with a hint of blue, Peach Nougat is peachy, Magenta Purple is a deep red with purple under tones. 

The Classic Shades are Almond Oil is a creamy ivory that I love, Blue Depths is a very very deep dark blue,  Sleet is an intense silvery gray that I really like, and Military Olive is a brownish olive green.

There are a lot of choices for jewelry and accessories with all this color.