Fashion Colors – Fall and Winter

There are lots of choices in the fashion colors for Fall and Winter 2021-2022. I love earth tones and the Fall/Winter fashion colors include great earth colors like Clay (an orange tan), Caramel, and Root Beer. I’m celebrating some new choices already!

Bright orange tan 2021 Fall color

There’s a wonderful soft silvery gray that’s appropriately called Silver that I just love. I saw this color in a velvet dress and it took my breath away. There’s also a possibility that we’ll see silver (and other) metallics as the December and January holidays get closer.

There’s a wonderful bright red that’s really beautiful, a deep blue called Indigo, and a very bold fushcia shade. More Bold colors include a kelly green and a bright bright mustard yellow! For those who love softer shades, Romantic Pink and Lavender are great pastels that are not washed out.

Mustard yellow 2021/2022 fall and winter colors