Garnet – January’s Birthstone

Garnets-January Brithstone

Garnet is January’s birthstone and it is one of my all time favorite gems. I have loved the look of dark red Bohemian garnets since childhood and earlier I dreamed of collecting them.  I never started my collection, but I still think of that style when I think about garnets.  Garnets are popular gems and they are relatively hard stones that are ideal for jewelry. 

A garnet symbolizes constancy, truth, and faith.   Garnets form deep underground where the material has to withstand extreme temperature variations.  People generally think of garnets as red.   Garnets not only occur in a range of red hues, but also in greens, yellow-oranges, and browns.  

Jewelry with garnets is shown under my Ancient Arts Collection

More styles with garnets are in gemstone pendants, gemstone earrings, and rings. In addition, the abstract pendant comes with a garnet. I can create something for you, too – an existing style or or something new.