New Gemstone Jewelry for 2015

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and successful year ahead in 2015.  I’m really excited about the newest designs I’m working on and I want to share some of my ideas with you.


I’ve Earrings-double spirals in silverdesigned a number of gemstone earrings and some sterling silver coil earrings in several styles.   These coiled silver earrings have Earrings-flat coiled sterling silverbeen very popular and they’ve been out of stock for a while.   Matching silver coils necklaces can be ordered to go with any of these earring styles.   For variety, I think I will add some gemstones to some of these styles


Earrings-Turquoise oval studs in silverNew turquoise earrings – this pierced stud earring style is available to order in a variety of gemstones.   More new styles will be coming throughout the year ahead – I’m doing more cabochon rings, bezel set cabochon earrings and matching pendants for 2015 – all available in silver, but you can order them in gold as well.


For 2015, I’m doing my Eternal  Spiral earrings in silver with several choices of gemstones. The photos show peridot, garnet (Garnets are the January birthstone), and Swiss blue topaz,Earrings-Swiss blue topaz in woven silver spirals but I have a variety of faceted stones available (amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz, etc).       Matching pendants are available.   I’m also working on earrings and pendants in this style with small cabochons instead of faceted stones.    All of these styles are shown in silver, but they can be done in karat gold, too.Earrings-Peridot in woven silver spirals_1


Before moving to New Mexico, we the southwestern US and Santa Fe a number of times in an RV.    We actually lived in our RV while we looked for at houses here and went through the purchase and moving in process.   None of this would have happened without the RV!!