Healing Stones for Us and for Our Furry Friends

Healing Stones for Us and for Our Furry Friends – I love gemstones and crystals and I’m always interested in learning more ways to have beneficial stones around me to bolster me and also my environment. This interest has inspired me to work on designs for PetsAmulets – healing and protective stones for our furry friends.

You can wear stones in a variety of ways and you can also use them in your home’s decor. Crystals and crystal groups make fabulous focal decor for any room in addition to providing valuable properties and vibrations in your environment.

For pets, place the stone(s) near the animal’s bed or attach them to your pet’s collar. In addition to gemstone amulets I have a variety of glass evil eye beads and pendants available in different sizes.

Mr W  For cats, I’m offering small designs with a clip that will attach to a collar. For dogs, I’m designing a pocket that can be attached the collar. The pocket will be removable and will protect the amulet.

The PetsAmulets are not on the website yet, but feel free to contact me for further information about ordering and what’s available.


Various stones are thought to be useful for specific problems (for both humans and their pets). The gemstone list under the FAQ on the website gives some information about the properties of a number of gemstones in addition to what I’ve listed here.

These are some examples of stones I have available and an overview of what they can offer to you and your pets:
Agate – great for general balancing and energy

Amethyst is great for pet issues – healing, fleas and ticks, barking problems, training issues and fear in pets

3) Rose Quartz is an all around grounding stone, healer and calming presence. It is good for Gatito 1dealing with aggression, respiratory issues, and emotional traumas

4) Carnelian is good for aging animals and helps with arthritis and allergies

5) Jaspers are good for general protection, for combating allergies and dealing with pain

6) Tiger Eye offers is a calming stone that offers general protection

7) Turquoise helps with general protection and is a powerful healing stone. Turquoise helps in dealing with fear and also in with arthritis problems