Here’s A Peek at My Studio

Here’s a peek at my jewelry studio. Like every artist I know, my studio is generally a mess: projects that are “in progress” and ideas I’m working on. I fabricate my metal and wire jewelry designs at the jewelry bench shown below.

To provide something to look at occasionally, I have some favorite outdoor scenes and a couple of mirrors on the wall. I even took a picture of myself taking this photo!

My jewelry bench

The photo below shows my repousse’ area. You can see some work in progress and some of the tools I use. I will finish these pieces soon. Look here for some finished repousse’ examples.

I changed my style several months ago and I am still trying to get into a rhythm here. I have new designs that I transferred to metal, but never started, so I have lots to work on. Repousse’ is one of my favorite techniques and I enjoy seeing the designs develop.

My repousse' station

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