Hoop Earrings and Bangles!

I love hoop earrings and bangles! I’m one of those people who lingers by the jewelry in shops and at shows.  I love earrings – earrings that grab your attention. Big, bold, beautiful earrings that stand out and get noticed.  I love them and I find joy in them. They’re full of life and they say “carefree”. 

Hoop Earrings

Another love – bangles and big, chunky bracelets. The colorful ones women stack on their arms.  The ones that clank together.  From years ago, I remember a neighbor who wore an arm full of silver bangles – I loved the look and I never forgot about those bracelets. 

silver bangles

Lots of women only think small about their earrings and their jewelry in general.  Women have been encouraged to avoid drawing attention to themselves. Make a statement – enjoy your jewelry!  It’s OK! We need to allow ourselves the freedom to wear hoop earrings and bangles.

Hoop earrings are so versatile and the ones on my website come in several sizes in sterling silver and also gold fill. You can add gemstone beads to these hoops to customize them as you wish. I’m happy to advise you on beads and colors available and to make up something just for you.

My sterling silver bangles come in a striped pattern and also a floral design. If you want to order a number of bangles, I’m glad to give you a quantity price.

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  1. Whitney Carroll Malone on August 27, 2020 at 6:06 pm

    I purchased the gold hoops with rain forest jasper and I love them! Lightweight and lovely, I wear them almost daily ?