Indian Market Wrapup

I really enjoyed my first Indian Market in Santa Fe.  This year there were about 700 vendors and the tents stretched for blocks and blocks in the downtown area and around the plaza.   Going early is a bonus – parking is easy to find and the crowds don’t develop until closer to noon – and everybody is fresh and eager to chat.

I spent quite a while at The Native Jackets shop where there were Navajo weaving demonstrations going on all day Saturday and Sunday.   The Navajo women who were weaving also demonstrated the step by step process involved in creating yarn from the sheared wool to the yarn for the loom.   All these women have been weaving for years and the techniques are passed down from mother to children.

One thing I’ll do next year is to attend the Friday evening reception and awards ceremony.   It’s a great opportunity to meet the artists and to see the award winning pieces up close.