New Jewelry Designs

Mokume Gane in a fascinating metal laminate that I’ve been playing with recently.   will have earrings and other pieces in this interesting metal available in the next several weeks.   I have several pieces in progress, but none of them are ready to sell yet.


Pendant-Mokume Gane Box on wireMokume Gane was invented in Japan by Denbei Shoami in the 1700s. Mokume Gane is an old technique where patterns in metal are achieved by carving into multiple layers of different metals. The approach was originally applied to creating decorative metal for sword blades by creating laminates of many layers of non-ferrous metals (gold, silver, copper).   These laminates were carved to reveal intriguing patterns. Mokume Gane means “wood eye” because the resulting metal has interesting patterns that are suggestive of “eyes”.    Mokume Gane today is made from around 20 layers of alternating copper and silver which have been compressed (sometimes welded) together.    This alloy was historically used for sword blades.

Modern Mokume Gane was developed by Phillip Baldwin of Shining Wave Metals.   This metal sheet has many layers of Argentium® Silver and copper formed to present an intricate, one-sided pattern.   A dramatic effect can be achieved by applying a patina. The patina will stain the copper dark but will not affect the bright white silver. The result is a stark wood-grain look.   Copper can react with skin chemistry, turning skin green, so a substantial base layer of Argentium is built into each sheet to help prevent this reaction. The copper never touches your skin.

Bracelet-textured Argentium silver Cuff Earrings-silver spirals var. Earrings-flat coiled sterling silverEarrings-natural chalcedony long faceted drops

Over the last several weeks, I’ve designed a number of different gemstone earring styles, a cuff bracelet, and some sterling coil earrings in several styles.  I’m showing  a few and I’ll be adding these and more to the website this month.   The coiled silver earring designs have been very popular and they’ve been out of stock for a while. Any of these earrings will go with my silver coils necklaces.

In addition, I’m going to bring out the Eternal Spiral earrings in the small size with several choices of gemstones. I think I’ll also include an option in woven gold.Earrings-woven silver open spirals with garnets