Jewelry Tools for Sale

I love tools! Over time I have acquired a number of jewelry tools that I don’t use and a few that have never been used. All of the jewelry tools for sale and other items listed are discounted. There are also some display items and little bags on this list. Photos are available on request. Contact me with questions about items of interest. Pay with Paypal.  Any New Mexico tax (if applicable) will be added. I’ve updated this post some, but I’m going to do a new post with current info.

Grits for tumbling and polishing stones – bag of rubber pellets, silicon carbide grit in 80, 220, and 600; cerium oxide polish – sold as a lot for $20 free shipping

Green brocade drawstring pouches – $1 each. About 5 inches square. I have 24 available ($0.80 each if you take all 24)

Folding acrylic earring screen-used but like new – in original box

Earring Racks – smaller rotating black metal earring racks – one square (about 6″ on a side x9″ high) $20,

Earring Rack – triangular (about 7″ on a side x 9″ high) also rotates $10

Earrings Rack – standing vertical earring display screen (about 7×9″) $10.

3 Sargent jewelry pliers – actually vintage now! $20 each

Leather sand bags – Medium $20, Large $25 Never used I will sell and ship together or separately

4 Fretz hammers – different shape heads for different effects. The hammers are HMR-2 Raising hammer, HMR-3 Narrow Raising hammer, HMR-4 Large embossing hammer, and HMR-5 Small embossing hammer $48 each

GRS Bracelet Former – makes domed “C” bracelets $320 free shipping

Small butane jeweler’s torch and fuel – unused – $30 for torch – I cannot ship the can of fuel

Victor J40 torch (all gases) – in original box unused – torch handle, welding tip, connectors and instructions $180 free shipping

2 Smith flashback arrestors-in sealed original package $45 free shipping

Heetrix bench mounted soldering platform- in original box-never used $43 free shipping

All purpose bench vise 4″ diameter – never used – mounts on bench – holds mandrels (tool ends) $15 free shipping

Two lighted jewelry display cases – cubes about 18 inches on a side. The top is acrylic and lifts off. Makes a great looking display. $150 each

Dynamic Display Systems Large tabletop display. Measures 33x18x10″ high – lightly used and stored in original packaging ready to ship. $479 free shipping