It’s June!

It’s June!!  This is one of my favorite times of the year.  I love June and all it brings – summer flowers, vacation season, and the warm weather that comes with the season.

You haven’t heard from me in a while now.  Over the last several months I’ve had to deal with personal issues that have taken all my time.  In April I had a hip replacement.  I had expected to be back home in a few days, but there were complications and I ended up in the hospital for a prolonged period and required additional therapy.   It’s going to more time before I can work on going up and down stairs.

As a result, although I have a lot of ideas and plans for new jewelry and more vintage pieces to list, I don’t have a lot of new things to tell you about right now.  A few of my handmade jewelry items at is out of stock.  I’ll be back in the studio in July and I will be able to restock with new items and replacements.

I do want to tell you about COUPON SALES in both my Etsy shops and also at  On my website I am offering a coupon sale (CODE IS spring) with 15{3f644ebafa59d805439bbc71d16e7adbf8e36c9cc6d6e5f5b0eb479702611d94} off your purchase with FREE SHIPPING this summer.

Coming Attractions!!  I have more vintage jewelry that I am photographing to list on and also in my Etsy shop (including a number of lovely amber pieces and more will be coming soon).    There’s a coupon sale (use code SUMMERSALE and save 15{3f644ebafa59d805439bbc71d16e7adbf8e36c9cc6d6e5f5b0eb479702611d94})  at on all vintage items.  We have a lot of terrific values in our Vintage Clearance section – marked down already, but you can save even more using the coupon.

There’s also a coupon sale on my jewelry at  (Coupon Code is  SPRINGSALE)


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