Making Progress

Earrings-flat coiled sterling silverIn June I had surgery for a badly torn rotator cuff on my left side.   Unfortunately for me, I am left handed, so I’ve had my share of anxiety about the injury and the recovery and how all of this will affect me in the future.

Egyptian coil bracelet on handI started physical therapy a couple of weeks ago and I am excited to be moving again after the rotator cuff surgery.   I see a lot of progress already and by the end of August I should have recovered most of my range of motion and a lot of strength.   I am thankful for wonderful medical people – a terrific surgeon who did a marvelous job on my shoulder and talented caring therapists who are giving me excellent advice and council.

As it turns out, I had anticipated more problems and more pain than I have experienced.   My wonderful husband has been there every step of the way to assist me and encourage me.   I would not have had such a smooth recovery without him.

Necklace-7 woven silver spirals with garnets2I am a member of Amapola Gallery (205 Romero St NW in Old Town Albuquerque, NM) and we are celebrating our 35th year in business with a series of events starting this month.  Amapola is a co-op gallery with 40+ talented artists.  I discovered the gallery shortly after we moved to Santa Fe and I am delighted to be a member.

Silver Spirals NecklaceSaturday, August 15, is our Party on the Patio and it will be a day of artist demonstrations at the Gallery with music and entertainment.  Several of us will be working in the patio area in front of the gallery and others will be inside.   I have been able to work on new designs over the last several weeks and I aim to hit the ground running doing demonstrations of coiled jewelry from 3-5pm.


I hope to see a lot of my friends at this kickoff event, but  there’s more to come:

From August 15th to September 13, gallery artists will have a variety of $35 items displayed (and signed) in each member’s display area;  Saturday, August 29, 2015 is a Special $35 Sale Day with lots of extra items for your shopping pleasure.

Sunday, September 13, 2015 is our Finale.   We’ll be honoring past gallery directors.