Mirrix 8 Inch Lani Loom

This Mirrix 8 inch Lani Loom is SOLD. 

This loom is perfect for smaller tapestry pieces and little bags or jewelry. I bought the “no warp ends” kit and the shedding device package for the loom.  It was knocked off my work table when new and one wooden clip was cracked and glued together. The attached photo shows the repair on the right hand side clip.   It works fine with the repair and replacement clips are available from Mirrix.   The Mirrix 8 inch Lani loom is like is like new; except for that repair.   $270 with free shipping or best offer.

Shedding device package:

Four coils: 8, 12, 14, 18 dents, shedding device and handle, two wooden clips, warping bar, wrench, Allen wrench, coil bar, and written instructions.

Mirrix Lani Loom

No warp ends package:

bars, cord and S-hooks

You can purchase replacement clips and other parts for the Lani Loom from Mirrix at nominal cost.

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