More about Word Wrap

It looks like I’m finally getting my text to wrap around my photo.   It doesn’t make sense that it only works if I put the photo on the right hand side of the page (my previous post), so I’m going to try another photo in another location on the page and see what hapCoiled silver necklacepens.    Here’s a photo of a coiled silver necklace that I completed a couple on months ago.   The link to the necklace on my website is

If you would like to see the coiled silver necklace in person it’s on display in my case at the Artisans’ Guild Gallery in Union Street Station in downtown Gainesville, FL.

I’ll add another photo and we’ll see how that goes.   I wrote earlier about a turquoise and silver necklace in my personal collection.  I call it mTurquoise Pendanty Zia Necklace because the design is reminiscent of the state symbol of New Mexico, the Zia.   I’m particularly fond of the design of the turqoise stone.   This pattern reminds me of flowers in bloom.  The color variations in the stone are also interesting.   The necklace is set in a silver “nest” and secured with prongs from the “Zia” behind the “nest.”

I’ve added a border to my photos to ensure that they are separated from the text.  I think I like the border, but I may play around with it to see if a narrower border looks nicer.





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