My Handmade Art Jewelry

I really love designing and creating jewelry. My goal when making a piece of my handmade jewelry is to create a first class design that you will be proud to own and wear or to give as a gift. I use top quality materials only – Argentium silver, sterling silver, copper, or karat gold. My get my stones, pearls, etc., from first rate sources. Many stones are cut to my order. Whenever possible I hand select the stones I will use in a a particular design.

Many designs originate from the stones themselves. When I find the stone, the ideas a setting begin to come to me bit by bit until I have a concept to sketch out. Sometimes I create preliminary pieces in copper to see how the idea will work out. I am attentive to all the details in constructing my pieces, too, and I spend a lot of time on the finishing and polishing of the completed piece. Finally, I stand behind my work 100%. I want my customers to be happy with their purchases.