New Beginnings for a New Year

New beginnings for a new year: Every new year seems to emphasize new beginnings, revitalization, a fresh start.  You don’t really have to start from ground zero.  Make this a time to rethink things that you’d like to do differently.

I am always looking for ways to accomplish more of the things I need and want to do. and I generally announce new styles. I have new designs on the drawing board and some things are already on the website.

New for 2020 – more hoop earring styles in sterling silver, gold fill and rose gold fill. I’m showing some photos, but I’m still working on photographing these, so they aren’t all on the website yet. The hoops are scattered through the gemstone earrings. I’ve also added two styles of bangle bracelets – a floral pattern and a striped style. There’s a new larger hammered silver earring, too. Watch for textured Disco earrings and some variations on themes.

While we’re on the subject of new beginnings for the new year, I recently found an interesting article on health and productivity.  The article focuses on what we can do  to get more out of each day in terms of improved health and improved productivity. Some important points are:

wake up early and make your bed – the author feels this simple step starts a pattern of productive actions throughout the day

DO NOT start or end your day checking your email

Ask more questions – and really listen to the answers

Celebrate all  your successes – large and small

Smile – smiling reduces your stress level and also makes you more approachable. Choose to have a good attitude in everything throughout the day.

Exercise and have a regular sleep schedule and get 8 hours of sleep