New Zia Necklaces!

I am working on new jewelry designs which will appear on my website and also in my Etsy store.  

These pieces include my new line of Zia pendants on bead necklaces and silver omegas, plus some new copper pieces.  I’ll have these pieces on my website very soon.

In celebration of finally being in Santa Fe, I’ve created a series of pendants designed around the Zia – an ancient Sun symbol from the Zia Pueblo that is on the New Mexico flag.  

Also – I’m hard at work on creating new jewelry for the June 21 – 23, 2013  New Mexico Arts and Crafts Fair which will be held at the Fairgrounds in Albuquerque and also for the Santa Fe Artists Studio Tour which is the following weekend:  June 28 – 30.   Be sure to put these events on your calendar.

I’ll put out more details in June and you can always email me for the latest information.