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WHERE TO FIND MY JEWELRY – you can see my jewelry at Amapola Gallery, 205 Romero NW in Old Town Albuquerque, NM


Something About Me:

Since I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting all of you in person, I thought I would share a little of my background.

Some of my fondest memories from growing up in the Washington DC area are of family trips to craft centers in the Appalachians and Blue Ridge mountains where I enjoyed seeing things that people made with their own hands – weaving and pottery and most of all handmade jewelry! I earned a PhD in chemistry and pursued a career as a chemist in several government laboratories. After grad school I took advantage of opportunities to learn more about how jewelry is made and how gemstone cabochons are cut. Creating settings for the stones led me into silversmithing and wire wrapping. I guess I’m a perpetual student – I loved all of it.

A chance conversation with a colleague at a summer chemistry conference introduced me to belly dancing. I took a couple of classes and I was hooked! I was entranced by the movements, the music, and especially the costuming and the jewelry. It was a wonderful opportunity to dress up and become someone mysterious! I started selling jewelry and music to other dancers. This eventually grew into a full time business which I sold after many fun filled years of dancing, designing and selling costuming and jewelry.

I am passionate about my jewelry and I’m so energized by the designs I’m creating now that I want to share them with all my friends. My own eclectic approach to life and living is reflected in each of my creations.

I love to see my jewelry worn and enjoyed by others. The process of designing and creating fascinates and excites me. Each piece of my jewelry is lovingly created by me from the finest materials. I work primarily in silver, gold, pearls, and gemstones. My jewelry is hand constructed piece by piece. I love doing custom pieces where I can work with the client to create pieces that reflect their aura and personality.

I moved to NM because this part of the country is the most deeply inspiring place I have ever been. I love the landscapes and especially the sky and the clouds with their ever changing patterns! I want my jewelry to communicate the excitement I feel about being in NM. Texture is a fundamental element in many of my designs and I especially love textures and patterns taken from nature. I see wonderful textural elements in the rocks and plants around me and I incorporate those textures in my jewelry using small hand tools and a chasing hammer.


Article on Healing Amulets for People and their Pets  from Natural Awakening,  October 2014

People really relate to crystals and gemstones.  I’m always interested in learning more ways to have beneficial stones and crystals around me to bolster my own strength and also to strengthen my environment.   In addition to creating healing stone jewelry for people, I’ve been inspired to work on designs for PetsAmulets – healing and protective stones for our furry friends.

You can wear beneficial stones as jewelry in a variety of ways and you can use them in your home.   Crystals and crystal groups make fabulous focal decor for any room in addition to providing valuable properties and vibrations in your environment.    For pets, place stone(s) near the animal’s bed or attach them to your pet’s collar.

Gatito 2
Various stones can be useful for specific problems (for both humans and for their pets).  Here’s a list of some stones I have available and an overview of what they can offer to you and your pets:

1)  Agate – great for general balancing and energy
2)  Amethyst is great for pet issues – healing, fleas and ticks, barking problems, training issues and fear in pets
3)  Rose Quartz is an all around grounding stone, healer and calming presence.  It is good for dealing with aggression, respiratory issues, and emotional traumas
4)  Carnelian is good for aging animals and helps with arthritis and allergies
5)  Jaspers are good for general protection, for combating allergies and dealing with pain
6)  Tiger Eye offers is a calming stone that offers general protection
7)  Turquoise helps with general protection and is a powerful healing stone.  Turquoise helps in dealing with fear and also in with arthritis problems and for their pets).

Email me at or call me at (352) 262-6110 about doing an amulet for your furry friend or a piece of gemstone jewelry for you.  Prices start at $30.00.


Excerpts  from Los Alamos Monitor, May 9, 2013

“’Elements’ Mix Science with Art”  Los Alamos Monitor,  Dimensions Section for Thursday, May 9, 2013

“The Fuller Lodge Art Center has an element for everyone in the new exhibit ‘Periodic Table.’  A number of New Mexico artists have taken on interpreting the Periodic Table through their artwork.   Diana Kirkpatrick is among the participating artists. Diana Kirkpatrick’s jewelry pays homage to her chosen medium. Diana’s double sterling silver collar with pendants  was featured in a photo in this article.”

Excepts from the Horizon Section of the November 12, 1990  edition of the  Herald-Mail, Hagerstown, MD

“Diana Kirkpatrick is a fiber and jewelry artist who creates loomed  and off-loom bead jewelry. Some of her netted lace necklaces are reminiscent of the early 1900s.”

“Diana became involved making costumes and accessories for Middle East dance because affordable costuming was hard to find.  Diana has exhibited and sold her designs at a variety of shows around the country. Diana is a member of the Artisans Craft Guild and the Pennsylvania Craftsmens Guild.”