Green Amethyst Ring Faceted Oval Stone


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Green amethyst ring with a faceted oval stone. Green amethyst is also known green quartz.  This ring has a beautiful green amethyst faceted oval stone that’s about 11 carats. The arrangement of the facets in this green amethyst stone is similar to that of a round brilliant.  It’s designed to maximize light and color.  The ring is about size 6.

Green amethyst (green quartz) occurs naturally under certain geologic conditions. On the California-Nevada border, just north of Reno, amethyst, citrine, and green quartz occur together in clusters of crystals. Heating via high-temperature, volcanic activity may be responsible for the subsequent color changes to citrine or green quartz.  

Green quartz gemstones are found in varying shades of green, greenish yellow and yellowish green.  Although it can occur naturally, the spring-like green color of this oval faceted quartz is often achieved by irradiating and heating pale Brazilian amethyst.

Store in a cool place in a jewelry bag or box.  If you have questions please contact me.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in


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