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This is a Mokume Gane pendant.  The pendant is made from a bimetal that combines Argentium silver and copper.  I have applied a patina to the finished pendant.  The patina brings out the copper in the patterns.  This Mokume Gane pendant is about 1.75 inches in diameter and it’s on a 20 inch colored brass chain that matches the brown hues in the pendant.  The bimetal top layer is backed with a layer of Argentium silver metal, so there is no copper against your skin.    Questions?  Contact me

What is Mokume Gane?  Mokume Gane is a multilayered metal laminate produced under heat and pressure. The fascination with this metal is the color combinations and patterning that can be achieved with various combinations of metals.  This is an ancient process that was originally used to create Japanese sword blades. Mokume Gane means “wood eye” becaused the resulting metal laminate has interesting patterns that are suggestive of “eyes”.  The multistep production of the final laminate is extremely labor intensive.

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Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in


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