Silver Repousse’ Flower Pendant

With all the turmoil going on around us currently, I’ve found that working on jewelry provides a welcome refuge. I have been refining my repousse’ skills and this silver repousse’ flower pendant is what I’ve been working on lately. I am still thinking about the setting I want to create for this pendant. I may use a setting like the last shot in the photo gallery below, but I’m not sure I want to set this piece that way.

I’m still refining details of future projects, but I’m branching out: more flowers and different leaves in assorted patterns. The flowers and leaves will become pendants and earrings and maybe some will be bracelets. Every one of these items is made completely by hand using small tools and hammers as shown in the first photos below.

Here’s a photo gallery of my stages in creating the flower so far. If you have any comments or questions, contact me.

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