Some Really Great Books

I’m often asked for the titles of jewelry making books that I have found particularly valuable. For those of you who are interested in making jewelry or learning more about how jewelry is constructed, here are the names of a few that I often refer to.

I have some other interesting titles (available from posted on my site.

The Complete Metalsmith – Tim McCreight. This is a terrific general reference book.

Fabulous Woven Jewelry – Mary Hettmansperger. There is a lot of varied material in this book and I have gotten a lot of ideas to my own designs. (Mary Hettmansperg has another book coming out soon – I’m taking a couple of seminars with her in June at Convergence 2008 in Tampa, FL)

Fiber and Bead Jewelry – Helen Banes. This book explains the techniques involved in tapestry needleweaving along with lots of lucious photos and also gives you patterns to follow.

Contemporary American Jewelry Design – Ettagale Blauer

Textile Techniques In Metal – Arline Fisch. I love this book. There are a number of metal techniques covered with lots of photos.

Jewelry Making Step by Step – E. E. Joachim. This is a book I first used years ago for basic silversmithing. It still is filled with practical information.

Fiber-Wire Beads and Jewelry – Lisa Vann. This book contains innteresting techniques and examples.

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