February – Valentines Day and More

hot pink hearts

February – Valentine’s Day and Much More How did Valentine’s Day Begin? The origins of our modern Valentine’s Day are obscure. Perhaps Valentine’s Day began as a pagan festival or perhaps it was a liturgical feast in celebration of the deaths of martyrs.There were possibly several St. Valentines who died on Feb.14.  An order of…

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Gemstone Jewelry to Accent your Spring and Summer Fashions

An earlier blog post talked about the Pantone color palette for Spring 2016. I’m going to highlight several of the color choices of jewelry to accent your spring fashion wardrobe. In addition to the jewelry styles already on the website, I have a variety of beautiful stones and beads to create a variety of custom…

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More of My Favorite Gems

Gems are described by chemical composition, crystal structure, and where they are found.  Gems are further classified based on properties like refractive index (how they bend light), luster, hardness, etc.  Perfection in appearance is of primary importance in the finished gemstone.  Many gemstones have long and complex histories.   Some specific gems have a lot of…

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