Red Garnets are the Birthstone for January

Red garnets are the birthstone for January.  I believe we generally think of garnets as red gemstones; however, garnets not only occur in a range of red hues, but also in greens, yellow-oranges and browns.  The red garnet, January’s birthstone, … Continue reading

Gemstone Jewelry to Accent your Spring and Summer Fashions

An earlier blog post talked about the Pantone color palette for Spring 2016. I’m going to highlight several of the color choices of jewelry to accent your spring fashion wardrobe. In addition to the jewelry styles already on the website, … Continue reading

Nice Note about Me in Natural Awakenings Magazine!

There’s a nice note about me and my jewelry in the February issue of Natural Awakenings Magazine. Here is the the link for the article in the February Issue:     … Continue reading