Fashion Trends – Spring Colors for 2017

    Strong Colors for Spring Niagara is a classic intense denim-like blue shade Primrose Yellow invites you to enjoy the warmth of a sunny day – a bright no holds barred sunflower yellow Lapis Blue is a wonderfully strong … Continue reading

Some of my Favorite Gemstones – Carnelian

I’m going to do a series on some of my favorite gemstones and I’m beginning  with a long time favorite of mine, Carnelian. Carnelian draws its name from the Latin carneolus – meaning “red stone”.   Like many other gemstones, carnelian … Continue reading

The Evil Eye in Jewelry from the Middle East

Jewelry from the Middle East has fascinated me for a long time.   I am  intrigued with the designs used and the meanings behind the designs.   My collection of Middle Eastern jewelry includes a variety of medallions, talismans, amulets, and … Continue reading