Gemstones I Love – Part 5 – Freshwater Pearls

Pearls are unique!   These beautiful creations can be termed organic gems:  pearls are formed inside oysters and mussels when a bit of sand or other irritant gets inside the mollusk’s shell. The mollusk secretes layers of a lustrous material … Continue reading

My Favorite Gemstones Part 4 – Tourmaline

Another of my favorite gems is Tourmaline.  Since I love green and pink, I am particularly fond of the  multicolor and watermelon varieties. The tourmaline family aluminum and borosilicate minerals includes several separate minerals, one of which is called elabite.  … Continue reading

Some of My Favorite Gemstones – Part 3 – Labradorite

All gems are described by their chemical composition, crystal structure, and where they are found.  Gemstones are further classified based on properties like refractive index (how theybend light), luster, hardness, etc. Labradorite has a silky appearance and is a dark grey … Continue reading

Some of My Favorite Gemstones Part 2 – Lapis Lazuli

I love the beautiful blue of Lapis and I’m especially fond of lapis with a scattering of pyrite (“Fool’s gold”).   This article is illustrated with photos of necklaces that I have designed using “treasures” I have discovered in my … Continue reading