Ruby is the Birthstone for July!

The birthstone for July is the Ruby.  Rubies are one of the hardest natural gems.  Only moissanite and diamond are harder. Rubies (from the Latin “ruber” for red) are the red version of the mineral corundum (aluminum oxide) which is … Continue reading

How Did Christmas in July Start?

Did you ever wonder where the idea of Christmas in July started?  The very first mention of “Christmas in July” was from an opera back in 1892 that featured children rehearsing Christmas songs in July.  In 1935, the National Recreation … Continue reading

My Favorite Gems

I love gems, so picking favorites is difficult.   It’s a long list, but here are some of my favorites and some information about them.   Gems are described by chemical composition, crystal structure, and where they are found.  Gems are further classified based … Continue reading