Enjoy Wearing Your Jewelry

Celebrate your Style - silver and gemstone jewelry

Take time to enjoy wearing your jewelry. Most of us aren’t doing a lot right now, but you can enjoy wearing your jewelry for yourself! Don’t leave your jewelry in a box or a drawer. You draw strength and comfort from the things that bring you joy, so enjoy them now. Your jewelry selections are…

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My Style – A Silver Cuff and Hammered Silver Ring

textured silver cuff bracelet and silver cigar band ring

Here’s a terrific jewelry combo for Summer – a silver cuff and wide hammered silver ring! Versatile – these pieces go with everything in your closet – jeans and shirts to slacks or a skirt and top – dresses, too. I wear this ring with all my clothes, regardless of the season, but it’s really…

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This is My Casual Style

My casual style shows off my silver jewelry

This is my casual style – jeans, tee shirts and sweaters are the clothes I love wearing every day. These casual clothes look great with my handcrafted silver and gemstone jewelry. And they are the perfect for the places I go most often – Starbucks, shopping, meeting friends for lunch, getting my hair done. The…

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